Server Rules


Rule Number One:
Don't be stupid!

Golden Rule:
Treat every player the way you would like to be treated as well.

Respectful Behavior:
Treat every player and server staff member with respect and courtesy.
Avoid offensive or derogatory language, as well as any form of harassment.
Respect the opinions and boundaries of other players.

No Cheating or Hacking:
Do not use external programs, cheats, hacks, or bots to gain an unfair advantage.
Do not exploit game bugs or glitches.
Respect the integrity of the game and its environment.

No Harassment:
Harassment of any kind, including bullying, discrimination, or sexual harassment, is unacceptable.
Players should feel safe and free from harassment.
Reports of harassment will be taken seriously and addressed accordingly.

Fair Trade and Economy:
Engage in fair trading practices and avoid price manipulation.
Do not monopolize resources or exploit the market for personal gain.
Avoid fraudulent transactions or trading practices.

Prohibition of Advertising for Other Servers:
Advertising other Servers within this community is not allowed.
Respect the community and do not promote distractions or divisions within it.
Players should focus on the gaming experience on this server.

Privacy and Security:
Protect your account data and personal information.
We advise you to not share your account details with other players.
Sharing account information at your own risk.
Report suspicious activities or phishing attempts immediately. The Staff will never ask you for these information under any circumstances.

Respect for Server Rules:
Players are required to read, understand, and abide by the server rules.
Ignorance of the rules is not accepted and may result in consequences.
For any clarifications or questions regarding the rules, players should contact server staff.

Helpfulness and Collaboration:
Be helpful to other players, especially newcomers.
Promote teamwork and collaboration to achieve common goals.
Support a positive and welcoming community for all players.

Feedback, communication and suggestions:
Communicate openly and respectfully with server staff and other players.
Provide constructive feedback for the improvement of the server. For this, we advise you to use the ticket system.
Suggestions for enhancing the gaming experience are welcome and will be taken seriously, however will mainly be answered and discussed in form of tickets and will later be openly discussed with the community, if the staff believes the suggestion matches the server vision.
This means, there will be no channel dedicated for suggestions! Do not discuss your suggestions openly, but instead use the ticket system.
Note: We have decided for this because our past experience has shown that suggestions always lead to disputes and negative athmosphere between certain players and result in drama.

Compliance with Game Rules:
Adhere to the game rules and guidelines of the Community
Maintain fair gameplay and respect the rights of other players.

No Exploitation of Game Mechanics:
Do not exploit loopholes or bugs in the game to gain an unfair advantage.
Report any discovered exploits to the server staff immediately.
If a player or group is found abusing bugs and not reporting those immediately, there will be zero tolerance and the players will be punished.
Note: Even if it is just a small bug or exploit, make sure you report it. If you are unsure, still report it. This rule is very important and can lead to the failure of a server, if the after-effects become too big.
Take this rule seriously!

No Real Money Trading (RMT):
Engaging in real money trading (buying or selling in-game items, currency, or accounts for real currency) is strictly prohibited.
Players that are involved in this will be permanently banned. Every account the person/s have logged in to, will be permanently banned, even if it is not their accounts.
Note: This may sound harsh, but we do not tolerate RMT at all and neither should you! If your friends are planning something like that, make sure to tell them not to!
Since people share accounts with each other regularely, this can ultimately result in your accounts being banned, even if you did not know about the RMT.

Account Security Measures:
Take responsibility for maintaining the security of your account.
Use strong, unique passwords. Do not use passwords that you would usually use on other servers or platforms but instead choose an exclusive one.

No Spamming or Flooding:
Do not flood chat channels or spam repetitive messages.
Respect the communication channels and use them appropriately.

Respect Server Events and Staff Decisions:
Follow the rules and guidelines set forth during server events.
Respect the decisions and instructions given by server staff, even if they may seem unfair. Use the Ticket System if you believe there is something to talk about.

Language and Content Restrictions:
Avoid using language or sharing content that is offensive, inappropriate, or violates server rules.
This includes avoiding discussions on sensitive topics such as politics, religion, or explicit content.

Respect Server Resources:
Avoid excessive resource consumption, such as server lag-inducing activities or unnecessary server-wide broadcasts.
Contribute positively to the server's performance and stability.

Reporting and Conflict Resolution:
Report any violations of the rules or conflicts to the server staff promptly and provide any necessary evidence.
Avoid escalating conflicts and work towards amicable resolutions whenever possible. If you believe there is no solution, try to withdraw from the situation.

Continuous Improvement and Feedback:
Regularly review and update the server rules based on feedback and changing circumstances.
Encourage players to provide feedback on their experiences and suggestions for improvement.

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